Meet our mama - Sisilia

Sisilia and her girls in Elisamama dresses

Tea or coffee?
BOTH! I have a cup of coffee every morning but would prefer tea during the day.
Favorite series/movies?
Stranger Things and Schitt's Creek.

What do you do for work or a passion project?
My husband (guitarist) and I (Pianist) own two music centers in the city of San Mariano, California. My current passion is photographing my children.
What do you do to relax?
A walk in the garden alone. I have memberships to Descanso Garden and LA Arboretum.
Favorite Elisamama piece?
Too many but our ultimate favorite is the Birthday Dress.
Best life advice?
Most useful/parenting hack?
Train your husband to wake up at 6am (or earlier) to get the kids ready for school. Bathe both of my daughters at the same time, save water and time. Ok seriously: Create and enforce a routine for my children. They feel safe when they know what to expect each day.
How can Elisamama community support you?
As a small business owner myself, I would love to connect with other female or male small business owners who love Elisamama.
Any special talents/skills?
Raising two daughters! Does that count?? I have a knack for being a good judge of character

Where can we find you?
Bonus/optional question: Anything else you want to add?
We love Elisamama!
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