Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

Mrs. Fabiyi

Meet our lead seamstress Mrs Fabiyi whom we fondly call "mommy tailor". She is a wife and mother of 4. She has had over 30 years experience in sewing and brings not just her expertise, but her focus, attention to detail and incredible work ethic to Elisamama. She is very skilled at taking a sketch, picking the right part of a fabric to create beautiful pieces! Her attention to detail is impeccable. When she's not sewing or with family, you can usually find her at a church event or the other. We are fortunate to have her be a part of the Elisamama team!


Meet Damilare (aka Dare) one of our Seamstresses who joined us when she was 19 years old. Dare comes from a family of Seamstresses and so has been immersed in the sewing world from a young age. She is dynamic, eager, a tad bit fiesty and ready to take on any challenge with gusto! She comes from a small village in the Western part of Nigeria but is now largely in Lagos as part of the Elisamamakids team. As the oldest child, Dare is eager to succeed in her own sewing business and be of support to her family! 


Meet Christiana one of our Seamstresses who joined us when she was 19 years old. Christina is a quiet force, she doesn't say much but packs a punch when it comes to sewing execution and attention to detail. She discontinued her education at the 6th grade because her parent couldn’t afford the fees. This experience of truncated education is sadly not uncommon in Nigeria but we are hoping with the work at Elisamama that Christina's future is bright and success filled.


Meet Bose, who joined us as a part-time trainee. Bose carries a bright light of positivity and optimism wherever she goes! To meet her is to love her! Bose is very sharp and her worth ethic is admirable.  As the oldest child in her family, she carries the responsibility of supporting her mom and younger siblings and therefore has to balance her professional aspirations against the needs of her family. Excited for what the future holds for her and hope Elisamama can play a role in making it a bright one!


Meet Godwin our first Elisamama male team member. You look at him and see a handsome young man, you meet him and encounter an incredibly charming, funny and pleasant individual. Having Godwin on our team and the opportunity to make a difference in his life brings me so much joy!


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Meet the Makers