Our Impact

Our Impact

Putting our People First

At Elisamama, we are not just in the business of creating quality products; we are on a mission to make a positive difference in Nigeria. Our staff of 22 and counting are the heart and soul of Elisamama. Our commitment to prioritizing our people runs deep in our roots, our values, and our everyday practices. We take pride in offering fair wages, safe working conditions, meals, accommodation and opportunities for growth and advancement.

Nurturing Local Economies

Our journey begins with sourcing materials locally - from the Nigerian-grown cottton used for our Adire dyed fabric to the printed ankara fabric. We are able to extend our impact across the farmers, dyers, seamstresses and to the local businesses within our communities. By choosing Elisamama, you're contributing to the growth of local businesses and empowering the very communities that inspire our unique designs.


Our Impact

Farm to Fashion

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