Meet our Mamas - Danielle

Elisamama - meet the mamas

Meet our mamas - Danielle

Tea or coffee? 

Both! I start every morning with a shot of espresso, and if I have time later, I’ll make a cup of chai or jasmine oolong. 

What do you do for work or a passion project?

I run a nonprofit called the Komoto Family Foundation, where we focus on improving health equity and access in partnership with marginalized communities, especially immigrants of color.

For fun, I’m taking online watercolor classes. My daughter and I are also learning Tagalog, our ancestral language from the Philippines. We love the recent availability of Zoom classes that make it more accessible to learn new skills. 

Any special talents/skills?

I can shoot a decent basketball, and I’m a champion at warming up leftovers. My husband calls me the Queen of Reheating.

Danielle and husband

Favourite series/movie? 

The Good Place on Netflix is a MUST WATCH. It’s hilarious with a brilliant cast. Just an overall feel-good show. I’ve already binged the whole series twice— once by myself and again with my husband!

Favourite Elisamama piece? 

Currently loving my new jacket dress! It’s perfect for covering up from the light chill of our Southern California fall mornings. (Also, don’t kill me Fisayo, but I accidentally shrank my jumpsuit in the dryer— so I had a seamstress separate it into a crop top and pants… I actually really like wearing the pieces separately too!)

What do you do to relax?

I practice Yin Yoga online with Tamika Caston-Miller. Yin is a style of yoga rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tamika is brilliant, and I recommend her classes to everyone, all body types and abilities.

Danielle and friends

Best life/parenting advice? 

The stress of parenting can unexpectedly bring up old wounds, and almost all of us can benefit from culturally appropriate therapy. Many of us from communities of color carry intergenerational trauma, but we should also know that we can pass down intergenerational healing. Imagine being the one in your family to break the cycle. It’s the best gift we can give ourselves and our descendants.

Most useful life/parenting hack?

This is an unpopular opinion, but more couples should try sleeping in separate beds (especially light sleeper/snorer couples) — I now get the best sleep of my life, and it’s a game-changer! 

How can our Elisamama community support you?

You can follow my work social media accounts if you promise not to leave any trolling comments: @komotofamilyfoundationofficial on IG on YouTube

Danielle and daughter

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