2020 - The year that saved us!

2020 - The year that saved us!

What a year! 

After a rough end to 2019 with loads of inventory from a failed marketing in Santa Barbara, I came into 2020 burdened but ready to make moves (I had no idea how but I was determined to figure it out). With the large inventory and incredibly slow sales, our team in Nigeria couldn't continue production - we had to skinny our team to keep the core staff we could afford to continue to pay and support. It was a rough time but I knew in order to give Elisamama the best chance, we had to be lean and I needed to make a dent in the ton of inventory we had. I therefore signed up for alot of markets for the spring hoping to make some sales.

Late january, we got our very first Press Feature in Voyage LA (so exciting). Shortly after that, Patty Rodriguez from on air with Ryan Seacrest reached out - I was going to be on the radio talking to THE Ryan Seacrest!!! After the radio show, I knew we for sure things would turn around with sales but things didnt quite shake out that way...I still had a ton of inventory to sell so was eagerly looking forward to the markets

Fast forward to March, COVID happens - and of course markets canceled - at this point, I knew we were royally screwed. Although things weren't looking good for us, we decided to do some good and provide support to those who had it worse and launched the "Feeding a Family Project" - with your help we raised $4300 and provided #410 food packs to families in Nigeria

Later in the summer, with the tragic death of George Floyd, the social uprisings that ensued and the love given to Black Businesses, we started to see things turn around for us. The inventory that had been a burden, became a blessing! We had more business in one month than the past year combined!

Most importantly, you loved our products and told everyone about us!! We were back in the game!! We started to get more press - including a feature in Buzz Feed and Essence.

When I thought we had seen the end of our good fortune, the most amazing, unbelievable, awe-inspiring opportunity was presented!! A large nationwide retailer reached out to stock Elisamama - guys, mind blown!

While this has been a rough year on many fronts we also really lean into the blessings this year has presented. One of our most amazing blessings is YOU! You that continues to be here rooting for us, buying, commenting, sharing, liking, talking about us in places we cannot be.

I thank YOU and looking forward to what 2021 will bring us all!

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