6 Ideas for Spring Break that You Can Participate in from Anywhere

The weather is warming up, and it's finally almost time for spring break! This year, your family may be spending their week away from the beach or other traditional spots. But just because you can't make a physical trip doesn't mean that spring break has to be any less enjoyable! In this blog post we're going to show you 6 different activities that you can participate in from anywhere - no tickets necessary! Get ready for an unforgettable virtual vacation with these fun ideas. From DIY projects to engaging games, there are plenty of ways to create memories without leaving the house. So let’s get started on planning an amazing staycation for everyone in the family.

6 Ideas for Spring Break that You Can Participate in from Anywhere

Host an online scavenger hunt with friends and family, where each person has to find items around their house

With many of us stuck at home this spring break, why not bring everyone together for an online scavenger hunt? Gather your family and friends for a virtual day of exploration, where each person has to search around their home for items from a list. It could be anything from an old photo album to the craziest kitchen utensil you can find! At the end of the hunt reveal which person managed to find all the items first, or who had the most creative finds. Not only will this be a fun activity that everyone can join in from wherever they are, but it is also bound to bring back some cherished memories too.

Take a virtual tour of some of the world's most famous places and attractions

Eiffel Tower

Spring break is the perfect time to explore new places and have unique experiences, even if you can't leave home this year. Why not plan a virtual tour of some of the world’s most famous destinations? From leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, to Stonehenge in England, there are so many iconic locations you can check out online—all from the comfort of your own home! Research some interesting facts about the places on your list and watch videos or livestreams of their history and significance. Your kids will get an entertaining education while they take a break from schoolwork—win-win!

Have a Zoom or FaceTime dinner date with friends and family

connecting with family over FaceTime

Spring break is the perfect time to reconnect with loved ones that you don't get to see in person as often! A great way to do that is by having a dinner date over Zoom or FaceTime so everyone can relax and chat just like you're all gathered around the table. It's an easy way to bring everyone together, even from different locations. Plus, it's lots of fun to be creative with what kind of 'virtual dinner party' you set up — play music, get dressed up, pick a theme (southwest BBQ anyone?), cook the same dish together or each make something special at home; the possibilities are endless! Whether your dinner mates are right across town or across the country, make sure this spring break you carve out some time for quality conversations with your favorite people.

Create an art gallery using your own photos or drawings

children's art

Why not create an art gallery of their own photos or drawings! You could give them some fun prompts before they start that might inspire their creativity - such as taking a nature walk and sketching something they find outdoors, or having a selfie photo session. Then help them display their artwork in the house (like on the fridge door!), or get really creative and organize an ‘exhibition’ with background music and drinks! (here's a list of our favorite cozy hot drink recipes that kids can enjoy too if it's still a bit chilly!) However you decide to do it, your young kids will love feeling like mini art curators during spring break.

Start a movie marathon of classic films over the course of a few days

kids watching a movie with family

Watching classic films is an excellent way to take a break from the usual routine and enjoy quality time together. Make some popcorn, gather up some pillows, cozy up by the fire (or on the couch!), and get ready to watch a few of your favorites. Pick movies that everyone in the family will enjoy, and you'll be sure to have a memorable movie marathon that all can look forward to and remember for years to come.

Check out this list of over 100 Movies to choose from for a kid-friendly movie marathon!

Play an online game with your friends and family

Nothing brings people closer together than when they play a game – and this spring break, you can have just as much fun as playing with friends and family in-person, online! Gather your loved ones from near and far and face off in an intimate battle of strategy and wits – without having to leave your home. Whether it's an old classic or the hottest new game on the internet, you're sure to find something for any taste. So gather your inner circle for some friendly competition this spring break – but be warned: the stakes are high!


Spring break doesn't have to involve expensive trips and complicated or expensive activities. It can be an opportunity for families to create powerful memories no matter where they are that can last a lifetime. With the help of these easy, fun activities you can make your spring break one to remember! Whether you choose to host an online scavenger hunt with friends and family, take a virtual tour of some of the world's most famous places and attractions, have a Zoom or Skype dinner date with friends and family, create a virtual art gallery using your own photos or drawings, start a movie marathon of classic films over the course of a few days, or play an online game with your friends and family - you're guaranteed to have some fun. All in all, no matter what path you take during this special time of year, making sure to fill it with lots of joy, laughter and plenty of time spent with those who mean the most will undoubtedly make it extra memorable.