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Easy Kids Costume Ideas for Halloween | Kids Trick or Treating

October is here! Can you feel the shift with the arrival of fall? And along with it comes one of our favorite holidays to celebrate with kids – Halloween! If you’ve been stuck in the business of doing everything else that autumn requires (back to school, extra curricular activities, holiday travel plans, etc) and haven’t had a chance to nail down your child's Halloween costume yet (or your own!), don’t fear! We’ve compiled a simple list of easy last minute Halloween costumes for kids that are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. Best of all? Most of them can be created with either things you might already have at your house, or things you can find on Amazon. (We’ve gone ahead and included the links for you!)

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This is probably the most last-minute and easy costume you could put together. You likely have a t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, and sneakers that your child can wear. Add in some temporary tattoos of their favorite sports team logos, or even face paint to look like their favorite player! If you want to get a little more creative, you could also add a headband or wristband.


Is your kiddo always belting out the latest pop songs? Chances are you have some fun clothes that would work perfectly for a last-minute rockstar costume! A brightly colored t-shirt, leggings or skinny jeans, and some fun jewelry or accessories. Top it all off with a microphone (or make a DIY microphone as seen here), and your little rockstar will be ready to take the stage! If you’re open to it, tempory hair color spray is a fun addition, too. 

Fairytale Princess 

If your child is obsessed with all things princess, this last minute costume might be the perfect solution for you. A pretty dress (it could even be one they already have and wear as part of their regular wardrobe), some sparkly jewelry, and maybe even a pair of heels (if they can walk in them, of course) will do the trick. Don’t have a princess dress? No problem! A white t-shirt and some tulle or a tutu skirt can also work well. And of course, don’t forget the crown. Or, make your own from any of the 25 DIY crowns listed here!


This is another great last minute costume idea that can easily be put together with things you might already have at home. A green shirt, some brown leggings or sweatpants, and maybe even a green hoodie or jacket if it’s chilly outside. Add in some fun accessories like a dinosaur tail (or create one at home -- no sewing required) or some dinosaur temporary tattoos, and your kiddo will be all set!


For all of the cat lovers out there, this last minute costume is sure to be a hit! A black shirt, black leggings or pants, and some fun cat ears are all you need. You could also add in a tail if you have one, or even some face paint to make your kiddo look extra like a cat! (black eyeliner is really all you need)


This is probably the easiest last minute costume out there, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t cost you a lot of money. All you need is a white sheet (or an old white t-shirt will work too), and some scissors. Cut two eye holes in the sheet or shirt, and put it over your child’s head. That’s it! You could also add in a black felt tip marker to make a mouth if you want, or even some temporary tattoos of ghosts.


Our Favorite DIY Box Costumes! 

cardboard box halloween costume ideas

Do you have a stockpile of Amazon boxes and a desire to get crafty for your child's Halloween costume? If so, here are a few more ideas if you have to create something that's truly one of a kind!

1. A robot costume can be made out of an old appliance box or a large moving box. Just cut out some eye and mouth holes, and decorate the box with whatever you like. You can even add some cardboard tubes or other materials to make it more realistic.

2. A cardboard box can also be turned into a pumpkin costume. Just cut out a hole for the head and arms, and decorate the box like a pumpkin. You can even add some green cardboard leaves to make it more realistic.

3. If you want something really unique, you can make a cardboard box into just about any animal costume you can imagine. Just cut out the appropriate holes for the head and arms, and decorate the box to look like your favorite animal.

4. For the kiddos who are obsessed with anything with wheels, reimagining a cardboard box into a speedy firetruck is sure to be a hit! We love this simple YouTube tutorial that will help you create a cardboard box firetruck of your own.

With a little creativity, you can turn cardboard boxes into any number of fun and unique Halloween costumes for your kids. So get creative and have some fun!

And there you have it! Some simple and easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids that are sure to please. What will your littles be dressing up as? Let us know in the comments! And of course, there's no age limit for any of our recommended costumes. Feel free to join in the fun! ;) Happy Halloween!

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