Elisamama Sizing Guide

Elisamama Sizing Guide


Things to note
  • All our products have a note on sizing within the product description. We also have a size chart within the product image carousel.
  • Most of our items are designed to grow with your little ones - they have soft elastic, adjustable buttons and cut in a way that allows for extended use.
  • Outside of our smocked designs, our fabric do not have stretch, neither do they shrink upon wash.


Picking out a Size

Select the size your little one currently fits in (not the sized-up size) with other mainstream brands (Old Navy, Cat and Jack, Gap, etc).

Please note - you will have a bit more room in the Elisamama piece, but the fit would still be appropriate.


For Jumpsuits
  • We recommend allowing body size (not height) drive sizing up needs. 
  • If your daughter’s body size is bigger, I would consider getting her exact size or consider sizing up to her body. The jumpsuit might be longer depending on her height, but you would have the option of folding it up at the legs if too long.
  • If she is slimmer but taller - I recommend considering allowing her body size drive the selection - yes, the leg of the pants will be shorter but it's still a suitable look (see below for picture examples).
  • Outside of our smocked designs, our fabric do not have stretch neither do they shrink upon wash.

The image below shows 3 popular sizing styles:

  • Standard
  • Fit on a Taller Girl
  • Loose Fit

If you can't see the image, please enable images since this will greatly help you make the perfect sizing choice.

For Dresses
  • The general rule of thumb for dresses is to go with the comparative body sizing in other mainstream brands.
  • Most dresses have enough room for growing into so there shouldn’t be a worry of growing out of them too soon.

The image below shows 3 popular sizing styles:

  • Fit to Size
  • Sized Down
  • Sized Up


I hope all these have been helpful in guiding with your sizing decisions.

We have detailed notes and additional sizing information on each of the products. Plus, more pictures so you can get better sizing ideas.

Head over to our lookbook for dresses and jumpsuits to view more pictures 


 P.S. If you still have questions, please reach out to me at Fisayo@elisamama.com, and I would be happy to provide more tips!

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