Picture Books About Love to Read with Your Kids

Picture Books About Love to Read with Your Kids

Our words have the power to shape our young ones, and one of the most powerful is “I love you.” As with all strong emotions, it can be hard for kids to comprehend its depth until they get a little older - which is where these wonderful children's books about love come in! From tales full of warmth and acceptance through to stories that express just how far-reaching family bonds go; from fun-filled rhymes bursting with joyous emotion or gentle poems filled with tenderness – there are many ways we share this beautiful feeling. Take some time out together now and explore 10 captivating reads sure bring your bond closer than ever before!

Picture books about love for kids


i am love a book of compassion

I am Love: A Book of Compassion

Written by Susan Verde

Illustrated by Peter H Reynolds

Let's be the love and light we want to see in this world! When kindness, compassion, self-care, and love are practiced with intention they can help transform our lives. This beautiful book celebrates these wonderful qualities so that we may honor them for a brighter future.


love the world todd parr

Love the World

Written & Illustrated by Todd Parr

Todd Parr's inspiring message of love, kindness and acceptance shines a light on the world we live in. His humor-filled stories show us how to appreciate ourselves as well as others - with respect for our environment too! Todd reminds us that true connection comes from showing sincere appreciation for all people and things around us.


love sesame street book


From Sesame Street

Discover and explore infinite possibilities of love with your favorite Sesame Street pals! This uplifting illustrated book invites children to experience the joys, giggles, cookies - but above all else - unconditional adoration that is found in many forms throughout life. Let this timeless lesson help your little ones discover a whole new world of love around them.


slumberkins bigfoot you are loveable

Slumberkins: Bigfoot | You are Loveable

By Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen

As little ones journey through life, it’s so important to nurture their self-esteem and give them the encouragement they need along the way. “Bigfoot You Are Lovable” is a fun and engaging resource that helps instill feelings of confidence while fostering an atmosphere of love – both at home and beyond. In this book, kids follow Bigfoot as he learns his own lessons in positivity - teaching young minds just how special each individual child truly is!


mama do you love me

Mama, Do You Love Me?

Written by Barbara M Joosse

Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

Mama's love is always there, no matter what. In this magical story set in the Arctic against an enchanting landscape of whales, wolves and sled dogs, a child discovers that nothing can replace their parent’s unconditional and everlasting affection. Lyrical text introduces young readers to culture unlike any other while emphasizing how powerful parental love truly is - reaching far beyond borders or boundaries of time and place. Mesmerizing illustrations fill each page with vibrance for even more excitement! Learn about Arctic life through the detailed glossary included too!


love monster

Love Monster

By Rachel Bright

Love Monster is a misfit in the cozy kingdom of Cutesville. But he never gives up hope, embarking on an endearing journey to find acceptance and love just they way he is—slightly hairy and googly-eyed! From near and far, high above or down below, Love Monster searches for his special someone who will embrace his unique qualities with unconditional affection. Lucky creature that he is - true love finds him when least expected!


love matt de la pena


Written by Matt de la Peña

Illustrated by Loren Long

With inspiring lyrical prose and beautiful illustrations, Newbery Medal-winning author Matt de la Peña and bestselling illustrator Loren Long create a warm tribute to the remarkable power of love. From birth throughout childhood years into adulthood, this tale offers gentle comfort as it celebrates how we all experience our universal bond. A beloved classic in the making for readers old and young alike!


Love Grows Everywhere

Love Grows Everywhere

Written by Barry Timms

Illustrated by Tisha Lee

Enter an inspiring world where the community’s love is as lush and vibrant as their gardens! This delightful story, with its lyrical rhymes and vivid illustrations, celebrates all kinds of families in a breathtaking ode to connection. Journey into this green-fingered family's charming market stalls filled with plants they nurture together – each one blooming like the unique relationships that surround them. Feel your heart swell while you revel in a message greater than any flower: nothing will ever be more beautiful than unconditional love.


Love Is diane adams

Love Is

Written by Diane Adams

Illustrated by Claire Keane

A heartwarming story unfolds in this lovely illustrated book about a little girl and her duckling friend. Through the journey of care and companionship, they learn that love is made up both of holding on tightly to moments with each other as well as letting go at just the right time. With patience, kindness, perseverance, their bond grows until one day - when it's finally time for them to part ways- she discovers something truly special had blossomed from their deep connection: six darling baby ducklings returning home alongside Mom Duck!


Always More Love

Always More Love

Written by Erin Guendelsberger

Illustrated by AndoTwin

Find out what true love means this Valentine's Day with the interactive picture book Always More Love! An endearing story of humor and sweetness, this heartwarming experience is perfect for families to share together. With just a tap, press or shake - explore how unconditional love expands page by page through rhyming fun activities that will delight your special one.

Sometimes the littlest gestures can mean the world to someone. If you’re looking for a way to show your kiddos some extra love this Valentines Day, curl up with them and one of these special picture books. You might even find a new favorite yourself! What are your favorite children's books about love? Share them with us in the comments below!

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