The Christmas Gifts Your Kid's Teachers Actually Want, and The Ones They Don’t!

The Christmas Gifts Your Kid's Teachers Actually Want, and The Ones They Don’t!

It’s the season for giving, and we can’t think of few people more deserving than those who spend their days pouring into the lives of our kids. While getting a holiday gift for your child’s teacher is a great idea, it’s worth noting that not all gifts are created equal. Instead of getting a teacher something they might have a plethora of like a coffee mug or lotion set, we’ve created a list of the Christmas gifts your kids teachers actually want, as well as the ones they’d rather not get. 

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Also, it’s worth noting that if your child goes to preschool or a smaller school, the principal may already have a list of gift requests from teachers. Make sure to ask if there’s a gift guide for the teachers available first! And if not, check out any of the items on our list that teachers are sure to love. 


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Gift Cards

The number one response we got from teachers when asked “what would you like from your students parents for Christmas?” was (no surprise here)... gift cards! 

A gift card is the perfect way to show you care without having to worry about picking out the wrong thing. When you give a gift card, you are giving the recipient the opportunity to pick out exactly what they want. This takes all of the guesswork out of gift giving, and ensures that your loved one will be truly happy with their present. In addition, a gift card can be used immediately, which is ideal for those last-minute gifts. So next time you need to show someone how much you care, skip the trip to the mall and opt for a gift card instead.

You truly can’t go wrong with a gift card. No need to pair it with anything other than a meaningful card to say thank you for all the hard work and time they pour into helping kids learn and grow. We’ve polled the teachers in our lives and here were their top 5 choices for gift cards (in no particular order) 

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Visa Gift Card
  • A Small or Local Business Nearby the School (perhaps a local coffee or bookshop, but preferably something nearby so you know it’s somewhere they can easily get to!)

Coffee or Tea

The Teachers have spoken, and coffee and tea were at the top of the list! Consider snagging a bag of beans from a local shop, or choose a few teas you think they might enjoy. Pro tip: smaller sizes of a variety are preferred over a larger package of something that might not be their favorite.

Teacher Supplies

No surprise here that when we asked teachers what they would like to be gifted, many simply said teaching supplies would be happily welcomed! If you’d like to choose something specific, we’d recommend asking your child’s teacher for what they’d love to have. But, if you’d like to leave it up to them, Teachers Pay Teachers is an an online marketplace where teachers buy (and sell) original educational materials, and they also have gift cards available. 


things teachers do not want for Christmas


While a cute mug is perfect for any teacher, resist the urge to gift one to your child’s teacher. This is something they often receive and have way too many of. If you’d love for them to pick out their own mug, you can do so by giving them a giftcard to Target or a local bookshop that might have cute mugs. (But this allows room for them to choose something other than a mug if they’d like!)

Desk Supplies

A teacher’s desk is their own personal space in a classroom where they are constantly out numbered. Leave it to them to choose what items they feel they need there. While a cute pencil holder, tape dispenser, or desk trinquet might seem like the perfect gift, it’s better to give a gift card and allow the teacher to choose for themselves. 


As much as you might be tempted to regift something that was perhaps expensive or you really think they’d love, the teachers we spoke to said that regifts were not preferred. They noted that it’s something you can oftentimes tell was regifted, and it was usually something they said they would never use. 

Gift Sets

Piggybacking off of regifts, gift sets were another item on the list that teachers mentioned they unfortunately just don’t prefer! Lotion kits, DIY beauty treatments, sweet treats, and more were mentioned by the teachers we polled as “please do not gift us these items”

Anything large

This one should go without saying, but please refrain from bringing large gifts to teachers (unless it’s something they’ve explicitly asked for) This includes giant plants, puffy throw blankets, art pieces, and more. Even if the thought is sweet, it can be difficult to transport home and puts a strain on classroom storage.

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So next time you’re thinking of what to get your child’s teacher for Christmas, keep these tips in mind! And don’t forget a heartfelt card expressing your gratitude. Will you be getting one of these gifts for your child's teacher? Or are you a teacher with ideas of other things you'd love to be gifted for Christmas? Feel free to let us know in the comments! 

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