Meet our mama - Kelsey

Meet our mama - Kelsey

Tea or coffee? 

Coffee (black)

What do you do for a work or a passion project?
I’m the co-founder of MiliMili - a bold and colorful nursery goods company. We make super colorful and super soft sleep sacks, crib sheets, swaddles, and coordinating luxuries for babies and grown ups.

Any special talents/skills?
I host a mean party, and I treat the process like I do designing a room - with vision boards, spreadsheets to track elements, and lots of unique and personalized details.

Favourite series/movie? 

Tough one - old school I’d pick Beverly Hills 90210; more recent - probably Game of Thrones.

Favourite Elisamama piece? 

I LOVE Remy’s Jade dress but she would tell you her fave is the Constellation (and as I type this she is currently begging me for the Bows-Tami dress.)

What do you do to relax?

Go somewhere without my kids and listen to a good comedy podcast (currently loving the Always Sunny podcast and Fly on the Wall). Often this happens in the car on the way to one of our
manufacturing partners.

Best life/parenting advice?
Always bring snacks. More than you think you’ll need. It’s insane how many snacks children can eat (and husbands too.)

Most useful life/parenting hack?

Putting a sleep sack on inside out and backwards can thwart even the most skilled baby’s attempt to take it off (and also helps keep them safely in their crib longer!)

How can our Elisamama community support you?

Head over to MiliMili and give us a follow on Instagram @ShopMiliMili and check out our latest collection created with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his non-profit PRONOUN (100% of the profits from the sale of this collection go to organizations fighting daily for equality for us all!)

Where can we find you?

@shopmilimili / (And if you’re asking where my body is hanging out - it’s typically in the Valley,with my kiddos begging me to pick them up.)

Bonus/optional question: Anything else you want to add?
I’m so lucky to have found Fisayo and her amazing and colorful brand - and I’m even more lucky to now call her a business friend.

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